The transport of art requires specific safety and precautionary measures. Kortmann APS makes use of special transport vehicles that are furnished with various modern equipment to ensure these measures. Our vehicles maintain an optimal temperature, keep vibrations minimal and are equipped with built-in alarm systems to maximize security. The essentials of transporting art go well beyond the mere technical aspects, however. That is why we also have qualified art handlers in service whom drive, load and unload your art with utmost care, attention and precision. If desired, our art handlers can also pack and unpack as well as install the objects for you. As a result, you may rest assured that your art is transported from A to B and beyond without any complications. You can confidently leave your beloved objects in our care.


You can also count on us for transport outside of the EU. Kortmann APS has been tested by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and has been certified as an ‘Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)’. This means we dispose of all necessary licences and abilities to take care of all your custom formalities. Think of import and export declarations, temporary storage exempts from VAT, transit operations between certified customs locations and handling of and application for an ATA CARNET. We can also support or advise you in the application for a licence with respect to the transport of culturally valuable items. If desired, we can even take care of the entire application process for you!

Further specifications

All our transport vehicles are equipped with:

  • Advanced Climate Control
  • Alarm system built in in both cabin and cargo space
  • Air suspension
  • Hydraulic tailboard
  • Attachment points for fixing the load
  • Track-and-Trace (Tracking system)

    We are happy to answer any questions regarding transport or customs. Please contact us at any time if you have any remarks.