Kortmann APS is established in Hoofddorp, in the vicinity of Amsterdam. This central location enables us to easily switch to other important arterial roads in the Netherlands. In addition, the national airport of Schiphol is situated at a stone's throw. Thus, we are not just well-positioned with respect to road transport, but also with respect to air transport. As a result, we can ensure competitive transport rates, and both our office and depot are situated at an optimal distribution place for both domestic and international transport.

Office and depot are located in one and the same building. Our depot has a surface of appr, 9,000 m2 (nearly 10,000 sq.ft) and storage is fully conditioned. In 2015, we built an extension to the existing depot, which has been put into use in 2016. We are well-positioned to store large collections, but we are also more than glad to assist you in smaller storage requests: the storage can be rented per square meter. Also, we gladly take care of the organisation of your storage. We build customised racks and we can indicate, on the basis of an accurate registration system, which object is situated where exactly in the storage. Furthermore, our registration system allows us to thoroughly monitor whether any objects leave the storage for possible loans or restorations. As soon as the objects re-enter the storage, they are registered anew.

You can always contact us, free of obligation, and ask for the various possibilities.