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Extension of our art storage 2020

At the end of 2020 the completion of another extension of our warehouse is scheduled. The latest extension was completed in 2019. Back then, we assumed we would have enough storage volume for the foreseeable future. Surprisingly, the extra 2.500 m2 was rented out faster than expected. As a result, Kortmann decided to start the construction of another extension as we assume that – among other things due to Brexit – the demand for art storage will increase. After completion, another 7.500 m2 of fine art storage will be available.

Contrary to our current storage unit, we will now build upwards: the new addition will be six stories high. The concrete walls will be prepared with isolation materials to foster the climate on the inside of the building, which enables us to control it. Besides that, these walls also prevent insects and pests from entering the building. On the outside, the four sides and roof of will be completely covered with 2.000 solar panels. A part of the generated energy will supply our offices, carpentry and fine art storage and the remaining energy will be used by the electricity grit to supply households with green energy.

As mentioned, the climate inside the building will be completely regulated by a special climate system. This system consists of two parts: underfloor heating that will be installed on all floors and a humidity control system. This climate system will be heated and cooled by two CO2– neutral air heat dolls on the roof of the building, supplied by the solar panels. This way Kortmann is completely self-sufficient and completely CO2-neutral. To prevent dust formation, all floors will be lined with a dust free layer. All these measures make that our fine art storage meets the highest museum depot standards.

If you are interested in the fine art storage facilities at Kortmann, feel free to contact us for the possibilities and extra information.