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Sustainaillity: Solar panels

In 2019 we extended our fine art storage. We now have more than 12.500 m2 fine art storage. The building contains our own carpentry, offices, viewing room, boardroom and canteens.

During the same period of our expansion we decided to take advantage of the circumstances and make our warehouse more sustainable. One of the measures we took was installing 2.500 solar panels on the roof of the entire warehouse.

Eighty percent of the energy coming from those solar panels will be used to supply 190 households of green energy. The remaining twenty percent of the energy will supply our own facility, including the LED lightning and climate system of our fine art warehouse. By doing so we are not only completely self-sufficient, our fine art storage is now completely CO2-nutral too.

At this moment we are building another extension of our warehouse. This extra 7.500 m2 storage will be ready at the end of 2020. This expansion will be build by the most modern standards for security and environmentally friendly. The exterior of the building will be filled with another 2.000 extra solar panels. With this our warehouse will deliver more green energy that will be used to supply our own building and that of more households.

Do you have any questions regarding our (new) fine art storage? Feel free to contact us.

Titel: Red Rock – Kunstenaar: El Anatsui – Locatie: Mathaf: arab museum of modern art