Update Green collaboration with Zonnigdak

Kortmann Art Packers & Shippers, in collaboration with Zonnigdak, proudly shares an update on their latest energy transition project. The collaboration has resulted in the realization of an advanced Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The battery is intelligently managed to optimize the use of self-generated electricity and reduce the imbalance in the public power grid.

Project Overview

The foundation of this innovative concept consists of nearly 5,000 solar panels previously installed on the Kortmann APS company building in Hoofddorp. Approximately 4,300 are on the roofs, and 1,700 panels are mounted on the facades of the 24-meter high Solart storage section. With the addition of the BESS (the size of a large shipping container), the excess power generated during the day can be stored and used during the night or other peak times. The BESS has a storage capacity of 2,340 kWh, equivalent to the storage capacity of about 400 small home batteries.

Advantages of Smart Management

The stored energy is used at night to power the facility, regulate the temperature of the entire company building, and charge electric vehicles, significantly improving the use of sustainable energy. Additionally, excess electricity can be fed back into the power grid at a favorable rate. If the battery is fully charged and the electricity price is negative (which can occur on sunny and windy days), the solar panels can be temporarily turned off.

Furthermore, an important and intelligent feature of the BESS is its ability to help reduce imbalance in the public electricity grid. Since solar and wind energy production is never entirely constant (think of sudden cloud cover), imbalance can be mitigated by briefly charging or discharging the battery. This additional (imbalance) energy trading significantly improves the payback period of the BESS.