For Your Art, We Offer the Best Transportation

When it comes to sending your art, arranging the best possible transportation is crucial. National and international art transport is an art, and we know everything about it. Located in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam, Kortmann, as an art transport company, strictly adheres to specific safety and precautionary measures for art transportation, both before and during the transit. We have specialized transport vehicles for the transportation of artworks, equipped with the latest technology to meet these requirements. Our vehicles maintain optimal temperature, minimize vibrations, and feature an advanced alarm system to secure your art during transportation. No matter where in the world your artwork needs to go, we ensure that sending your art, both nationally and internationally, is always done with the utmost care.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Your Art Deserves Secure Transport

Your art deserves secure transport. Naturally, it’s not only the technical aspects that matter when transporting art. As a specialized art transport company, we have qualified art handlers on staff who give each object the attention it needs during loading and unloading. If desired, our experts can not only transport your art but also handle the packing and unpacking, and/or install the artwork. Our specialists always ensure that your art arrives safely at its destination.

All our art transport vehicles are equipped with:

  • Advanced Climate Control
  • Air Suspension System
  • Hydraulic loading platform
  • Fastening points for securing cargo
  • Seating for one courier
  • Track-and-Trace (Tracking system)

As an art transport company, we’d be delighted to provide more details about the vehicles we deploy for art shipments.

Our Art Transport Company is AEO Certified

You can rely on us for the transportation of artworks outside the EU as well. Our art transport company has been assessed and certified by customs as an ‘Authorized Economic Operator’ (AEO). This certification signifies that we possess the knowledge and permits necessary to handle all customs formalities for international art transport on your behalf.

We manage import and export declarations, provide temporary storage with VAT exemption, facilitate transit transport between customs locations, and handle the processing and application of an ATA CARNET. We can also assist you in obtaining permits for the transportation of art, cultural goods, or CITES. If you have specific questions about customs matters related to the cross-border transportation of artworks, feel free to reach out to our experts in art transport.