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Our depot

Kortmann is situated in Hoofddorp, a stone’s throw from Amsterdam. This central location enables us to switch easily between the main traffic arteries of the Netherlands. Being close to Amsterdam, we are also close to Schiphol international airport. This provides us with both a strong infrastructural and air transport positioning. As a result, we can ensure competitive transport rates for both domestic and international transport.


Depot specifications

Our office and depot are in the same building, which ensures short lines of communication between all our employees. Our depot is 9,000m2 (100.000 ft2) in size and is fully conditioned and secure. We can thus cater to both and large small collections. We build customised racks and can indicate the exact location of objects in the storage with an accurate registration system. This system allows us to thoroughly monitor whether any objects have left storage for loan or restoration. As soon as an object re-enters storage, they are registered anew. To provide your collection with extra security, our standard procedure is to first discuss all the storage steps involved with you. And it goes without saying that you can insure your objects during storage as well.

Feel free to contact us at any time for a more detailed discussion of what we can offer you.