Construction of our new art storage 2020

At the end of 2020, the delivery of the next expansion of the Kortmann depot is planned. Our last expansion was completed in 2019. With these additional square meters, Kortmann aimed to have enough storage capacity until 2021. However, we were pleasantly surprised and soon the storage was fully rented. Because we expect the demand for art storage to increase – due to factors such as Brexit – Kortmann has started a new expansion sooner than expected, and an additional 7,500 m2 of climate-controlled and secured art storage will be available.

Unlike our current depot, we will build upwards: the new building will be a whopping six stories high. The concrete walls of the building will be insulated to control the indoor climate and repel pests and insects. The four walls and the roof will be equipped with 2,000 solar panels. A portion of the solar energy generated will be used by us for the power supply in the offices, the sawmill, and the depot. The rest of the electricity will be used by the power grid to provide households with green energy.

The climate in the building will be regulated by a special climate control system. This system is heated and cooled by two CO2-neutral air heat pumps connected to the solar panels. The climate system consists of two parts: underfloor heating that is installed throughout the building on all floors, and an air system. The climate system used is not powered by fossil fuels, making it economically and ecologically sustainable. To prevent dust formation, all floors are covered with a special dust-free layer. All of this ensures that our entire storage facility meets the highest quality of art storage to museum standards.

If you are interested in art storage at Kortmann, or curious about the possibilities, feel free to contact us.