Zonnepanelen op het dak van Kortmann depot

Sustainability: Solar panels

In 2019, our art storage (depot) was expanded. We now have over 12,500 m2 of art storage and manage our own sawmill, packaging, offices, viewing room, meeting room, and canteens.

At the same time as the expansion, we also decided to make our building more sustainable in 2019. One of the measures we took for this was to install 2,500 solar panels on the roof of our depot.

Eighty percent of the energy generated is used to power approximately 190 households. Twenty percent is used by us for the LED lighting, the power supply in the entire building, and the climate control system of the depot. This makes the building not only self-sufficient, but our depot is also completely CO2-neutral.

At the end of 2020, there will be another 7,500 m2 of climate-controlled and secured art storage available in our newest extension, which is currently being built. This new construction is being built according to the latest standards, in terms of both safety and environment. The exterior of this new building will also be equipped with another 2,000 solar panels. This will provide the new art storage with green energy and will also generate more for other households.

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