The Invisible Director Behind the Magic of TEFAF

Behind the scenes of the TEFAF art fair, where every brushstroke and artwork shines, there is an indispensable force responsible for the setup of various booths for different gallery owners: Kortmann, the art transporter who, like an invisible director, makes the magic on the fairground possible.

From meticulously hanging paintings to expertly arranging the booths, Kortmann ensures a seamless execution. As the silent force behind the scenes, Kortmann coordinates every step of the process to ensure that various artists and gallery owners can present their masterpieces in the most enchanting way.

It goes beyond just transporting art; it is a blend of customs formalities, logistical precision, and a deep understanding of the value of each artwork. Kortmann serves as a reliable partner, allowing artists and collectors to focus on their passion while handling practical matters with expertise.

At TEFAF, Kortmann represents more than just transportation; it signifies a commitment to perfection. It is the art of the invisible, where attention to detail is given the space to shine. While visitors marvel at the beautiful artworks, Kortmann knows that the true art also lies in the expert organization behind the scenes.

So, if you’re wondering how each painting hangs perfectly on the wall and various booths are masterpieces in themselves, then you know that Kortmann is behind it all, as the silent architect of the enchanting world of TEFAF.

TEFAF Maastricht from 9th  until 14th of March 2024