Safe Transport of Frans Hals’ Masterpieces to the Rijksmuseum by Kortmann

Last week, Kortmann played a crucial role in safely transporting two valuable artworks by the renowned seventeenth-century master Frans Hals to the prestigious Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. One of these masterpieces was Hals’ first militia painting, the iconic “Banquet of the Officers of the St. George Civic Guard” from 1616.

It was an honor for Kortmann to be entrusted with the transportation of these delicate and historically significant artworks. With our extensive expertise and dedicated craftsmanship, we ensured that the artworks arrived safely and intact at their destination.

The Rijksmuseum now has the privilege of showcasing these magnificent works to the public, where they can be admired for their historical value and artistic genius.

The transportation process was also featured on Nieuwsuur, which can be viewed from 33:30 minutes onwards.Also interesting to read, this article from NH nieuwsPhoto made by Stefan Rustenburg